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Emergency Water Removal in Houston, Texas

Raus Restoration’s 24/7 emergency response service for the Houston Metropolitan area ensures that our crew and technicians are at the site within hours of your call. We know that in cases of water damage, regardless of scale, immediate attention is of the utmost importance. Delays could lead to permanent damage that cannot be restored and your home could be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. For immediate, 24-hour service, call us at (713) 467-7287 or use the form below.

Water Damage…What to do?

• If you can’t stop the flow of water, DO contact a plumber immediately.
• If possible, DO keep the indoor temperature below 70 degrees. This helps prevent microbial growth.
• DO place foil or plastic below furniture legs to prevent rust or furniture stains on flooring.
• DO turn off the electricity to all affected rooms.
• DO loop draperies through coat hangers and hang them from the rod to prevent water circles.
• DO remove items from the floor in affected closets.
• DO remove breakable items from furniture that will need to be moved for professional clean up.
• DO remove area rugs from of wet carpet.
• Do NOT use a household vacuum as this may cause an electrical shock.
• DO not to walk on wet carpeting, if at all possible, as this may spread water to unaffected areas.

Sewage Backflow…What to do?

• For safety, do NOT enter the affected area until after decontamination.
• Do NOT attempt any cleaning for health and safety reasons.
• If you must handle contaminated materials, DO wear rubber gloves.
• If possible, DO leave the premises until after cleanup and decontamination.

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